The Book of Michael

Watching the movie green lantern is like watching every season of gossip girl with my lady… It’s so ridiculously bad

Job Seking-

More depressing then seeing your last sunrise,
Feelings or desperation swell like waves on a changing tide,
Sulking being weary smiles as your grip slips with every handshake.

Ancient Aliens-

How quickly do we discredit human ingenuity?

As fast as we try to overthrow humanity, the next recall,


I can no longer like posts, does anyone else know why or have this same problem?

Words and sentences tell a story, but the punctuation shows the feelings, the emotions felt

Deep Blues-

I want to speak to your most intimate thoughts,
Touch your most intimate places…
Placed on a level on conscience, not felt,
But something more, deeper, to really “feel.”
Not in the sense we feel rain, in the way we feel alive.
Life’s essence running though us like water,
I love the ripples in the pool I drown.
Encumbered with bewilderment, laced in lament
In a world of daisies, the rose, where roads lead no one knows,
Yet to follow the path less traveled, it has still been traversed.
Rather I create my own, rift, in time
Leading me back to the ripples in the water.


The words, off of your lips glow and burn… Like ether
Calm, pulsating radiation. I adore every ounce,
Ounce of your doubt I am burried in. Gorgeous, hallucination,
If only to be guaranteed return, a pain I long to attain.
Adoration… “Gasp” drenched in sweet sweat and fascination.
How, oh how does your plauge swarm into the depths of my heart,
Soul corrupted. Tarnished like precious metals losing their luster,
For mine… I can only hope I never
Never lose you.

What are “You” Without “Me”-

It’s probably not an option, to turn back now, forever lost in what we were
Where you were to worried about what could have been,
Could have been nothing, a dream, or nightmare.
So far beyond cordial, when comport is cataclisic and
Kindness is a mistake, knowing no way were hearts kindred.
Can you blame fire for being hot, and enaveably burning out,
Does water not shape mountains and move us all,
The same way life’s nuances shape the persona within.
Who are you, but a perception,
Mine, your own, the world’s if there were such a thing.
Outrageous to believe anything other then the senses,
But what are they, but fools to this disasterous playground,
Where a taste for blood ripens each out, it’s sent
Looming in the arid night winds.
What is creation, what is it without the created?

How does one go bout obtaining “Google Glass”?

Where can you purchase or win or just “get” one?


Carrousels of our deepest regrets, carry me away on an angel’s prayer

A cascade of revolution, misguided freedom, a proclamation 

Of fortuitous lies, the misfortune of a generation, lost

Deep as the abyss, far darker then a nightmare

Where wolves wear the dress of sheep 

Walk amongst the herd, heard of dreaming, whimsical pasts

The world always brighter through a child’s eyes

How to know of that child’s hardships

Hidden with a guise of corruption,

Uplifted, seemingly when dead

Well, How Do You Do-

If Heaven sent a blessing i’d still never learn my lesson

Open up your lips and mind, so I can take your breath in

So much passion, no time for passive aggression

Sexual tension is a leading cause of stressing.

Hey Eve let me bite that apple

Yoo-hoo , pop top like Snapple,

I guess we’re both nuts like cashews 

But I wouldn’t trade you for a thing,

And you can hold my weight if its my name and wedding ring.

Well, I’m going off the deep end

With blinders on so I can’t even see them

Tunnel vision, all I could see is you

True, its a pretty nice view.


Once I was lost and I’m not saying I’m found

I’m saying what once was said isn’t making a sound

I would say my conscience reconnaissance 

Came back anonymous anomalous  

Analogies of expression, self-reliant depression

Meaning depending on self to not get ahead of yourself 

One foot in front of the other, but it’s turning around

Trying to rise, but stuck to the ground

Not passive agressive, aggressively passive 

What’s in the past can stay there, we already passed it

Dosen’t mean we’ll let go pending the hold

Just hope trauma doesn’t have a grip on the soul

Read Me-

Picture perfect periods, pause on the pages

Living to fast, while they turn as the day ends

Savor the moment, conversational lush

I’d be drunk off your energy without you saying too much

Love is for liars, without trust its just lust

Once you break a heart you’ll know what it was

Pieces never fit back in the same places

To mend what was broken, in need of some patience 

Read through my chapters, i’ve burnt some pages

Deeper then my outline, you fill in the spaces


Thunder and rain, not pleasure and pain

Passion and sadness, as tears turn to ashes

Will we run from what we have become, a conundrum 

What is lost but never won

The ones we love, time, passion, and pain

What we cared for, we now have some distain

Or at least refrain from carrying on the same

Even if I want to, it’s something I wont do

And you being hard headed will just react the same

Just the types of ways these people act everyday 


Flowers bloom in dark rooms,

And with no rain create monsoons 

Winter all the way through June.

I love you’s turn to I do’s

Truth hurts, lies too

Lost when I found you.

Found each other

Do’s and don’ts 

Another will what one won’t 

or cannot and thats food for thought

High price on life, but there’s no cost

or way to tell if you’re worth it.

A fine line used to define

What’s priceless and what’s worthless.

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